Data Migration & Upgradation

Data Migration & Upgradation

Quick Steps to Migrate your Data to CONCORD ERP

This consists of transferring the accurate and secure master data and transactional data from the clients legacy systems in to the new Concord ERP database. To conduct complex data migration requirement for clients we use various tools and scripts. This tool allows us to create transformation scripts that will copy, manipulate and insert the source data into the Concord ERP database. We are experts at using this tool and have spent many hours and days perfecting our skills. Our ‘line by line’ data Migration is a testament of these skills and it is delivered using the same tools.

Other Features

We Perform planned migration by collecting all the requirements according to these parameters

  • Infrastructure
  • Number of users and accessibility rights
  • Amount of Data

We Select the Optimal Data base
All the Data is stored in Cloud
We Timely perform updates so the software is well aware of the new Processes related to growth of ERP.
Safe and secure Data Transmission
Authorized User Access Keeps the data secure and limits the scope of access according to role of the user.